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Benchmarking for Banking

  • Select your competitors in your markets
  • Choose 75+ retail deposit and loan products
  • Rates updated daily or hourly
  • Company-wide access for your entire team 24/7/365
  • Customizable, meeting ready reports at your fingertips
  • Online reports, mobile-friendly, spreadsheet-enabled and print-ready

RateShop always accurate guarantee

We use RateShop Reports to automate our rate setting decisions. The process has substantially reduced the time we spend preparing for our repricing meetings. RateShop’s real time rates give us deeper insight and more reliability and accuracy. Rates on our RateShop Reports are always current and accurate.
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Tavish Taylor, CPA, Interim CFO
CU 1 - $1.5 billion assets

5 Reasons You Need Real-time Competitive Banking Data


Real-time competitor rates at your fingertips

Stay in the Lead with Live Competitor Data

Real-time RateShop Reports provide effortless access to intraday repricing for your competitors. Rates are updated everyday on a daily or hourly basis for all competitors in your report.

Real-time data exposes insights to competitive performance and market trends that are not visible when you are using week or month old data.


Real-time data for deposit & loan repricing

Reprice to Current Market Conditions

You wouldn't make decisions based upon outdated financial information, why use obsolete competitor data for your ALCO meetings and pricing decisions?



Knowledge closes deals

Frontline Staff Need Current Competitive Data

Prospects shop around. You don’t want prospects knowing more about your market than you do. It is critical that your frontline staff have current competitive information at their fingertips to help close deals.

Don’t let your frontline staff be caught with outdated competitor data.


Avoid misinformation that costs you money

Sustainable Growth Requires Informed Decisions

A few basis points can mean thousands of dollars in interest expense and lost income. Delayed repricing may cause you to loose business to competitors.

You can't afford not to have the most current and accurate competitive data at your fingertips.


Make more confident pricing decision

Be the Smartest Competitor in Your Market

Banking competes at the speed of the internet in today's hyper competitive market. Be the first to know when your competitor makes a move with real-time data.

Analyze peers and make confident pricing decisions based upon real-time data-driven strategies.


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